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Sharing scripture and story, Cheri equips women to…

...connect to the transforming power of God’s life-renewing love.
...escape the measure-up race and embrace God’s grace.
...experience ah-HA! moments of change and freedom.
...replace “baditudes” with intentional gratitude.
...catch the joy of living in God’s delight.

How I Got My Joy Back

How I Got My Joy Back

My students' final writing assignment each year is a "This I Believe" essay. It's a deceptively simple prompt:  explain one specific, positive … [Read More...]

The Kind of Person I Want to Be When People Are Unkind

The Kind of Person I Want to Be When People Are Unkind

Joyce settles in to a chair next to me. I am thrilled to see her...but also apprehensive. It's been a month since The Incident. And I don't … [Read More...]

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Why I Won Clutter’s Last Stand

"If these happen to disappear while I'm gone…" Daniel drags his bag of golf clubs onto the driveway, pausing to caress its worn leather and finger … [Read More...]

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