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Sharing scripture and story, Cheri equips women to…

...connect to the transforming power of God’s life-renewing love.
...escape the measure-up race and embrace God’s grace.
...experience ah-HA! moments of change and freedom.
...replace “baditudes” with intentional gratitude.
...catch the joy of living in God’s delight.

How to Get Past the Ugly Stage

How to Get Past the Ugly Stage

A week ago, I posted this to my Facebook page: If you happen to be at "the ugly stage" of a project? Me too. Mine's about 1/2-way done, and … [Read More...]

How to Be a Crazy Wreckless Hoper

How to Be a Crazy Reckless Hoper

I quit. My list tells me that I still have tons To Do and my schedule shows me that I won't rest for another 8 hours. But, like a horse balking … [Read More...]

The Stories My Daughters Tattoos Are Telling

Tattuesday: The Stories My Daughter’s Tattoos Are Telling

I'm texting with Annemarie two days before heading to southern California for her BFA solo art show reception. Me:  If you're up to it, I'd like … [Read More...]

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