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Sharing scripture and story, Cheri equips women to…

...connect to the transforming power of God’s life-renewing love.
...escape the measure-up race and embrace God’s grace.
...experience ah-HA! moments of change and freedom.
...replace “baditudes” with intentional gratitude.
...catch the joy of living in God’s delight.

To the Woman Wondering How She Can Change

To the Woman Wondering How She Can Change

On Tuesday, some of my Bravery Buddies responded to a heartfelt Email of desperation from a reader. Today, I'm sharing a few of my own responses to … [Read More...]

How Can I Change?

“How Can I Change?”

I just received this message from a reader: OK. I'm desperate. I have your book, The Cure for the "Perfect" Life, and like most books I pick up, I've … [Read More...]

Why We Can Stop Feeling Stupid

Why We Can Stop Feeling Stupid

My ninja "Night Before an Exam Cram" skills got me through high school. This habit was a badge of honor in my peer group. Studying was for … [Read More...]

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