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Sharing scripture and story, Cheri equips women to…

...connect to the transforming power of God’s life-renewing love.
...escape the measure-up race and embrace God’s grace.
...experience ah-HA! moments of change and freedom.
...replace “baditudes” with intentional gratitude.
...catch the joy of living in God’s delight.


1 Step to Get Unstuck

It's 11:30 PM. Waaaaaay past this earlybird's bedtime. But tonight has been well worth a few hours of lost sleep. Dinner with girlfriends at my … [Read More...]


Simply Tuesday {Give-away Day}

A couple of years ago, I eMailed the author of the book my girls Bible study group had just started reading. My girls’ Bible study has just started … [Read More...]

The Sky Doesn't Have to Fall

The Sky Doesn’t Have to Fall

July 21, 2015 10:00 PM Gregory household kitchen     "$1,670?!?" The three-page letter, written entirely in lawyerese, trembles in … [Read More...]

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