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Sharing scripture and story, Cheri equips women to…

...connect to the transforming power of God’s life-renewing love.
...escape the measure-up race and embrace God’s grace.
...experience ah-HA! moments of change and freedom.
...replace “baditudes” with intentional gratitude.
...catch the joy of living in God’s delight.

Re-Mothering 101 - It's Okay

Re-Mothering 101: “It’s Okay”

What might it be like to be "mothered" by God? This question showed up, out of the blue, a few months ago. I've always been comfortable with God … [Read More...]

The First Step to Take After Failure

The First Step to Take After Failure

Tuesday was supposed to be the second half of the topic I started Monday morning: I promised you "brain-based & heart-level solutions" for making … [Read More...]

Is Your Brain a Bully Free Zone 2

Is Your Brain a Bully-Free Zone?

It's been two weeks since my last blog post – I have MISSED you!  My April/May travel/speaking schedule has been packed, and I've loved every minute … [Read More...]

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